how to prevent domestic violence

The hardest part of it all is the fact that no one really knows what happens behind closed doors; behind all the smiles and laughter you share with your family and friends, outside your home, lies the truth that only comes out when the curtain closes. In reality, you suffer physical or psychological abuse by your partner once you two are alone or maybe even while in front of your kids.

Domestic violence, specifically that which involves partners beating their other half, is not something new. In fact, a lot of cases of homicide result from violence experienced at home usually by women. Unfortunately, many women or even men succumb to the abusive advances taken by their partners. Others may experience learned helplessness which is basically accepting that nothing is going to change and that no one can help you; as a result, they stay within that relationship.

As we all know, it is never okay to stay in an abusive relationship. Domestic violence must be dealt with. That said, National Summit presents to you some ways you can survive violence at home.

Protect Yourself

First and foremost, you have to protect yourself. The simple act of keeping tabs on the emergency hotlines within your area is already a big deal. Moreover, you might want to consider keeping pepper spray with you or any other thing that may protect you in cases of physical violence.

Talk to Someone

Tell someone about what is going on. It is never right to keep everything to yourself. Of course, you must confide in someone whom you really trust, perhaps a family member or a very close friend. Moreover, you may also want to talk to a professional to be guided in what you must do.

how to deal with domestic violence

End The Relationship

Sooner or later, you will have to end the relationship if things do not get better. That said, you might need to see an attorney such as Irvine Rakhlin, attorney at law, to be informed about what you can do about your current situation; legal professionals will guide you in what cases to file, how to file it, etc.

Avoid Escalating Issues

For as long as you are staying under the same roof as your abuser, you want to avoid escalating issues. If you are about to enter a heated argument with your abuser, do your best to not escalate things so as for you, and your kids if you have any, to avoid being put in a worse situation.

While it is a misconception that domestic violence victims cause the abuse by provoking the abuser, you need to act smart for you to be able to get out of the situation alive.

Keep Your Kids Safe

If you have kids, you must prioritize them. When things get bad, always have a backup plan as to where you will keep your kids for safety. If you are planning on something that might spark more violent reaction from your partner, you might as well plan out where you will place your kids when that event occurs; you may contact family, relatives or your trusted friends to help you.

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