A Gathering to Define America’s Future
The National Summit was a clear, strong voice for transformational change at a critical time in our nation’s history.  Designed to be inclusive, interactive and innovative, and to drive real-world results, the goal of The National Summit was to bring attention to actions that will improve America’s ability to compete in the 21st century.  That work still continues, even though the three-day gathering has concluded.

The National Summit was convened by the Detroit Economic Club (DEC) on June 15-17, 2009 at Marriott Renaissance Center in Detroit.  It engaged a cross-sector gathering of prominent business, government and academic leaders in debate and dialogue in four disciplines that are of vital importance to America’s future in a global economy:  Technology. Energy, Environment and Manufacturing.

Key elements of The National Summit included:

Kick Off – Daily General Session featuring a panel of nationally recognized business, government, academic and other leaders who discussed the four key issues in the context of a global economy.

Town Hall of Town Halls – Concurrent, interactive Town Halls, each of which focused on one of the four key issues and improving American competitiveness.

CEO Summit – Daily meetings where Town Hall leaders debriefed and determined outcomes for the afternoon’s Summit Up closing session.

Summit Up – Daily closing sessions which reported on the discussions and the findings of electronic voting data collected from participants at the Town Halls.

Innovation Expo – The Innovation Expo gave organizations and individuals the opportunity to showcase innovative ideas, projects and technologies. Participants in The National Summit were encouraged to spend their time between Town Hall sessions exploring the Innovation Expo.

eCommunity – Private web portal that allowed participants to gain knowledge of the four key issues, see different points of view and express their own opinions – before, during and after The National Summit.

C-Suite – The VIP Club Level section where Town Hall leaders, speakers, sponsors and invited dignitaries enjoyed exclusive meeting, networking and hospitality opportunities.
Among the specific measurable outcomes for The National Summit was America’s To-Do list – recommended policy actions to improve competitiveness in each of the four disciplines.